Cascading Waterfalls Back

Nov 21, 2012


This photo was taken at Southford Falls in November. The landscape around Southford Falls has many small drops and turns creating a lot of angles to photograph the falls. This is the main falls fed from the pond above. I liked this angle because of the multiple cascading waterfalls created by the angled rocks and the small mouth feeding the pool at the bottom of the photograph. The landscape and rocks around the bottom of the falls create a natural border and really make the foreground stand out with their strong contrast. I used a Canon 40D with 15-85mm IS lens on a tripod, slow shutter speed and ISO 600. I had to wedge the tripod legs between rocks in the water to keep it steady, previous shoots were blurry from the legs sliding on the rocks covered in algae and slow shutter speed. The lens hood really came in handy here because I was angled to the falls so my lens was not directly hit with spray but the hood did have a lot of buildup after 10min of shooting there. There is no way that without it I would have had water droplets on the lens.
This photograph can be viewed in the: Water Photography Gallery