Star Trails shoot Back

Jan 27, 2011


It was a cold night in January and a perfectly clear sky, perfect time for shooting star trails. I have my Canon 40D / 15-85mm lens setup on a tripod pointed into the night sky focused on the stars. The dark landscape is a beautiful rolling golf course during the day but only a dark silhouette against the neon blue star lit sky. These star trails are a mix of neon colors and different sizes but all take on a perfect arc in the sky. This night in particular was really windy and I was worried about camera shake when strong gusts of wind were coming through, but luckily none transferred the photograph. But I did make sure to tie down the neck strap to one of the legs, otherwise it would have been blowing around in the wind. The scenery in this photograph made for an easy composition since the golf course was sloping down away from me it really opened up the landscape. There is very little if anything in my field of view from my spot above the course. These star trails took about sixty minutes to capture, and if not for it being freezing outside and windy I would have let it run longer.
This photograph can be viewed in the: Star Trails Photography Gallery