Gouveia winery Back

Nov 12, 2013

Gouveia Vineyards nestled in Wallingford, CT contains all the elements for a good day of landscape photography. Full of vibrant foliage on a sunny day in October provides the perfect backdrop. The winery atop a large hill has a great sprawling view of Connecticut. I used a Canon 40D with a 15-85mm wide angle lens, I went without the tripod despite my better judgment. The day turned out great, very windy, but sunny which allowed me to use a high shutter and low iso. The high sun it late afternoon provided great contrast and shadows around the winery and really made the leaves and landscape stand out. The hardest part of this day was battling the crowd, it wasn’t the easiest to shoot landscapes with people wandering in and out of scene. I had to find a composition I liked and wait for the scene to clear. Half way through I had to use the polarizing filter to equal out the sky, when the sun started to drop it overexposed the sky and washed out the landscape.
A lot of the photos that day have a lot of contrast, such as photographing down the rows of grape vines, the leaves were illuminated by the sun while the tall fence the vines were on created strong shadows running down the row on vines. At the bottom of the vineyards is a beautiful pond with rows of grapes on one side and a scenic willow tree and hut on the other. The windy day made for some interesting shots of the willow, all the branches were swaying back and forth reflecting in the lake. I played around with the photo composition by trying different angles with the willow and small hut. Turns out the most pleasing was having the willow center focused and the old hut in the left corner of the photograph. The vineyard was a fun photo shoot there as so many scenic landscape opportunities it’s hard to know where to start. Maybe a little crowed for a Sunday afternoon but well worth it.
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