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I started Warhola Images in 2009 to showcase my landscape and nature photography. I grew up in rural Connecticut and from a young age have always had a passion for the outdoors. Exposed to nature through the local parks, camps and resident woods it sparked my interest and inspired me to learn more.

I would use my mother’s insect encyclopedia and seek out to learn about what I encountered. With both my parent’s encouragement and impressed by my own father’s talent in photography I tried my own hand at the craft. Capturing sunsets and insects I realized that the beauty I saw could be taken back with me. Starting out by first photographing the local parks and surrounding wilderness I grew up in, I started to branch out and seek new locations and wildlife as my interest in landscape and nature photography grew into a passion.
My landscape and nature photography has been featured in the press, art galleries, magazines and many online articles. Focusing on landscape and nature photography my online gallery covers seasonal landscapes, waterfalls, sunsets, wildlife, black & white and flowers.

Kevin Warhola


Warhola Images

Waterbury, Connecticut 06708
United States

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